What happens when a metalhead, a classic rock fan and a semi-drunken semi-hipster decide to talk music and more.

Episode 60 - Metallica - Hardwired… To Self-Destruct

November 26th, 2016

Well, since everyone else is talking about it we as might as well too...
Today, Iron-Cast joins the vast choruses discussing the new Metallica album, "Hardwired... To Self-Destruct". "Hardwired" has arguably been one of the more anticipated albums released this year. But what of this album? Is it Metallica's best work since "...And Justice For All", or is it an EP's worth of material stretched out over two CDs? Or is it both? Tune in to find out. We also discuss our favorite moments from episodes fifty-one to sixty.


Episode 59 - Michael Jackson - Off The Wall - w/ Special Guest Eddie Mercury

November 19th, 2016

Today, we at Iron-Cast discuss the ins and outs of Michael Jackson's 1979 smash hit album "Off the Wall". And we've got Eddie Mercury (from Nothing But Musik) back to abuse Greg some more. Join us as we ask all the important questions. Is this album pop perfection or does it have a few disco-influenced songs too many? How many Adult Contemporary staples can you fit on one album? And, perhaps the most pressing question of all, How many child sex and child abuse jokes can we fit in one episode? Tune in to find out.

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Episode 58 - Bon Jovi - Keep the Faith - w/ Special Guest Chris Czynszak

November 12th, 2016

Today, Iron-Cast takes a look into something almost as divisive as the 2016 US Presidential election when we delve into Bon Jovi's 1992 release "Keep the Faith". And Chris Czynszak from the Decibel Geek Podcast is back once more to come along for the ride. This album had many questions surrounding it... Is the band finally back from their long hiatus? What direction will the band go in post grunge? And, maybe the most important question, has Mr. T ever been more drunk on any other podcast before? (spoiler alert... no) Tune and find out.

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Episode 57 - Episodes from the Crypt, Part VI (Bonus Track) - Siouxsie & The Banshees - Juju

November 5th, 2016

Today, Iron-Cast is giving you an "Episodes from the Crypt" Bonus Track, where we delve into the darker side of life... death, goth, horror and the occult. This time it is in the form or the fourth studio album from Siouxsie & The Banshees, "Juju". Released in 1981, "Juju" marked a return to guitar-based songs and became possibly the band's darkest album. But what of this album? Is it a post-punk/goth masterpiece, or is it a collection of over-rated goth-pop songs? Tune in and find out.