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Episode 66 - Curve - Cuckoo

January 7th, 2017

Today (7th of January) is Mr. T from Germany's birthday. In celebration of our favorite douche still being alive, we at Iron-Cast are taking another look at Mr. T's favorite band when we discuss Curve's 1993 sophomore release, "Cuckoo". Marking the third year in a row where Curve released an album's worth of music (three EPs in 1991 and their debut "Doppelgänger" in 1992), "Cuckoo" became a bit of a sophomore slump, not selling as well as "Doppelgänger", leading to the band going on a two-year hiatus in 1994. But what of this album? Was it the case of a true sophomore slump or was it an underappreciated gem? Tune in to find out.