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Episode 53 - Episodes from the Crypt, Part II - The Sisters of Mercy - Floodland

October 8th, 2016

Today, Iron-Cast continues our series of "Episodes from the Crypt", where we delve into the darker side of life... death, goth, horror and the occult. Last week we brought you death and this week we're bringing you goth, in the form of the 1987 sophomore release by The Sisters of Mercy, "Floodland". Released when the band had been left for dead after disbanding in 1985, Andrew Eldritch brought bassist and ultimate goth pin-up girl Patricia Morrison into the band and The Sisters of Mercy came back with a vengeance, releasing what has been their best-known and best-selling album. But what of this album? Is it arguably the best goth album ever made, or is it a piece of bombastic pretentious overcooked tripe? Tune in to find out.