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Episode 100 - KISS - The 1978 Solo Albums

October 22nd, 2017

It's a celebration, MoFos!! It's Iron-Cast's 100th episode! And to celebrate, we're giving you a mega episode (almost 3 1/2 hours long) as we delve into KISS for our sixth (and possibly final) time when we review all four of the 1978 solo albums! Which ones do we like? Which ones do we dislike? Will we Frankenstein our own albums out of all of this material? Tune in to find out.


Episode 80 - KISS - Unmasked

April 15th, 2017

I know we keep saying we're done with KISS, but we keep getting pulled back in. Join us when we at Iron-Cast go KISS Krazy once more as we delve into their 1980 release, "Unmasked". While the album quickly went Gold, it fell off the charts fast in the US but became a bit of a hit overseas. But what of this album? Is it pop-rock/powerpop gold or is it bland, toned-down pop designed not to offend the parents of the 7-year-olds who made up the majority of KISS' audience at the time? Tune in to find out. We also discuss our favorite moments from episodes seventy-one to eighty.


Episode 61 - KISS - Dynasty

December 3rd, 2016

How ya doin', Pee-pull?!?! Today, Iron-Cast delves once more into KISS by discussing their 1979 release, "Dynasty". Hyped as "The Return of KISS", "Dynasty" remains an enigma among KISS' catalog. But what of this album? Is it pop-rock gold or is it a half-assed attempt at a cash-grab by following the sound of the time? Tune in to find out.


Episode 44 - Off the Rails Month, Part I - KISS - Music from The Elder

August 6th, 2016

Join us as Iron-Cast brings you the first part of a new month-long theme.This time it's "Off the Rails Month", where we take a look at albums that seemingly came out of left field. And we're kicking this month off with a doozy, delving into KISS' "Music from 'The Elder'". Bringing back Bob Ezrin, the same producer who did "Destroyer" and who had just finished Pink Floyd's "The Wall", "Music from 'The Elder'" was supposed to be the concept album that would catapult KISS the same way "The Wall" did for Pink Floyd.... but that was not to be, as fans slagged the album and it is still one of the lowest-selling KISS albums ever. But what about this album? Did it push KISS into a bold new musical direction, or did it push crap in a new and scary direction? Tune in to find out.


Episode 30 - KISS - Lick It Up

April 30th, 2016

How ya doin', Pee-pull!? Today, Iron-Cast goes KISS-Krazy once more as we delve into a time when the make-up came off and the hair spray went on, with KISS' 1983 release, "Lick It Up". But what is this album? Is it a worthy early 80's metal album and sister to "Creatures of the Night", or is it a pretender to the throne of 80's metal and a predecessor of the cock rock/hair metal KISS albums that were to come later in the 80's? Tune in to find out. We also discuss our favorite moments of episodes twenty-one to thirty.


Episode 2 - KISS - Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions

October 14th, 2015

Today we discuss the "lost" Kiss album, the controversial 1997 release "Carnival of Souls". Is it a bold new direction, or is it a case of a band jumping on a trend a little too late? Tune in and find out.