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Episode 32 - Guilty Pleasure Month, Part II - Falco - Falco 3 - w/ Special Guest Eddie Mercury

May 13th, 2016

Join us for "Part Deux" of our Guilty Pleasure Month. If you liked our first Guilty Pleasure Month episode, then you're going to love the second one. Today, Iron-Cast continues Guilty Pleasure Month, where we review an album that is a guilty pleasure of at least one of the members of Iron-Cast, with Falco's 11.September.1985 release, "Falco 3". And we've brought in a special guest, Greg's S.O., Eddie Mercury (from Freddie Is The Champion) to join in on the fun. So, is this album a piece of 80's euro pop gold or is it one of the biggest disasters to ever happen on September 11th? Tune in to find out.

Go check out Freddie Is The Champion here: