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Episode 52 - Episodes from the Crypt, Part I - Death - Leprosy - w/ Special Guest Brody Leibfried

October 1st, 2016

Today is the start of October... so you know what that means, kids. That's right, we at Iron-Cast will be bringing you a new month long theme of "Episodes from the Crypt", where we delve into the darker side of life... death, goth, horror and the occult. And we're starting this month off right, by getting into Death's 1988 sophomore release, "Leprosy". And we're bringing along "One Star World Star" Brody Leibfried from DownFall Album Reviews for the fun of it. So, what of this album? Is it the most important death metal album of all time or is it an overrated victim of the "loudness wars"? Tune in to find out.

You can check out DownFall Album Reviews right here: